Axis inverting or rotating mouse or touch filter driver by MAF-Soft

I've tested your new driver.
It works perfectly, exactly as expected!
Dear Moritz, you are The King of Drivers!
And your driver is The King of Mice!
And now--wow!--I've got The Mighty Mouse!
Thanks, thanks, THANKS!!!
Prof. A. Gutman, Russia

This driver requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 and can be installed on top of your mouse driver to manipulate mouse, touchpad, trackball or (new!) absolute touch screen or graphic tablet movements on the fly: you can optionally invert (reverse) the Y- or X-axis, or both, or rotate axes direction by 90, 180 or 270 degrees (free degree setting is planned). This works pretty well for any application, including 3D-games, which was the first reason why I wrote this driver: Many people are used to play first-person 3D-games with inverted Y-axis, but some games don't offer this option. The other features of the driver were added for people with disabilities or special (sometimes weird) needs.

To find out if this driver suits your needs and works on your system (which cannot be guaranteed), you can download a trial version here. Please understand that I cannot be held responsible for any problems you might have with it. The driver is still in development and provided as-is.

"Hall of shame", listing games which don't support inverting the Y-axis and therefore need my driver:

Please email me suggestions for this list, and also other uses for my driver...

Download trial 32 bits x86 mouse version: (~7 KB) - x64, touch or other special versions available on request.

Contact: (please replace the plus-sign by an @)


I accept payments via bank transfer (IBAN) or Paypal (Webmoney, bitcoins and others on request) - for Paypal please select a driver type and press the button (but not before you contacted me and got a price!):
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